Sodium Carbonate
Sodium carbonate (Na2CO3), molecular weight 105.99. The purity of the chemical is more than 99.5% (mass fraction), also known as soda ash, but the classification belongs to salt and does not belong to alkali. Also known in international trade as soda or soda ash.
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Product Description

Introduction (sodium carbonate/Soda Ash  CAS 497-19-8)

Sodium carbonate, also known as soda ash or washing soda, is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula Na2CO3. It has a molecular weight of 105.99 and is sometimes referred to as soda, but it is classified as a salt, not an alkali. Sodium carbonate is a white powder with no taste or odor. It is readily soluble in water, and its aqueous solution is strongly alkaline. When exposed to moist air, it can absorb moisture and clump, partially converting into sodium bicarbonate.

Sodium carbonate is produced using various methods, including the Solvay process, the ammonia soda process, and the Leblanc process. It can also be refined from natural sources. It is a crucial inorganic chemical raw material used in the manufacturing of flat glass, glass products, and ceramic glazes. Additionally, it finds wide applications in daily cleaning, acid neutralization, and food processing, among other uses.

Industrial sodium carbonate is widely used in various applications, such as glass manufacturing, textile industry, paper production, chemical processes, water treatment, metalworking, petrochemical industry, construction, and food processing

Basic information

Item   Soda Ash light   Soda ash dense
Appearance :Free flowing,odorless, fine white powderFree flowing, odorless, fine white powder
Na2co3 :99.2%min 99.2% min.
Chloride (NaCl) :0.7%max0.70% max.
PH value:11~12--
Fe:0.0035%max0.0035% max.
Sulphate(So4):0.03%max 0.03% max.
Water insoluble:0.03%max0.03% max.
Bulk density:  --0.90G/ML min
Particle size :-- 180um sieve remaining70% min

Function of sodium carbonate:

1. Glass: the glass industry is a large consumer sector of soda ash. soda consumption per ton of glass is 0.2T.
2. Detergent: It is used as detergent in wool rinsing, medicine and tanning.
3. Printing and dyeing: printing and dyeing industry is used as a water softener.
4. Buffer: as buffering agent, neutralize and dough improver, it can be used for pastry and noodle food, and can be used appropriately according to production needs, etc

Packaging & Shipping

soda ash light :25kg 40kg  750kg 1000kg

soda ash dense:25kg  50kg  1000kg

Can also be according to customer requirements pallet or standardized packaging

Sodium carbonate

Sodium carbonate

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