Formic acid
Classification:Formic Acid
CAS No.:64-18-6
Other Names:Formic acid solution, Formic acid solution
EINECS No.:200-579-1
Grade Standard:Food Grade, Industrial Grade
Purity:85% 90% 94% 99%, 85% 90% 94% 99%
Appearance:colorless liquid, colorless liquid
melting point:8
boiling point:101
water solubility:Miscible
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Product Description

Formic acid is an organic substance with a chemical formula of HCOOH and a molecular weight of 46.03. It is commonly known as formic acid and is the simplest carboxylic acid. Colorless liquid with pungent odor. Weak electrolyte, strong acid, corrosive, can stimulate skin to blister. Exist in the secretions of bees, some ants and caterpillars. It is an organic chemical raw material, also used as a disinfectant and preservative.

Basic Information

Chinese name甲酸RTECS NoLQ4900000
English nameFormic aciddensity:1.22
CAS No64-18-6Color:Colorless
MDL NoMFCD00003297Molecular weight:46.03
EINECS No200-001-8

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Nature description

Colorless fuming flammable liquid with a strong pungent odor. The melting point is 8.4°C. Boiling point 100.7°C, 50°C (16kPa). 

The relative density is 1.220 (20/4°C). The refractive index is 1.3714. The flash point (open cup) is 69°C, the autoignition point is 

601°C, the surface tension is 37.58mN/m (20°C), the viscosity is 1.784mPa·s (20°C), the critical temperature is 308°C, and the 

critical pressure is 7.04MPa. It can be freely miscible with water, ethanol, ether and glycerin, and slightly soluble in benzene. It is 

strongly acidic and is a strong reducing agent. It decomposes into carbon dioxide and hydrogen when heated above 160°C. 

Heating with concentrated sulfuric acid decomposes carbon monoxide.


Formic acid is one of the basic organic chemical raw materials, which is widely used in leather, dye and rubber industries. Formic acid can be directly used in fabric processing, tanning, textile printing and dyeing and storage of green feed, and can also be used as metal surface treatment agent, rubber additives and industrial solvents. Also can manufacture printing and dyeing mordant, fiber and paper dyeing agent, treatment agent, plasticizer, food preservation and animal feed additives.

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