propanoic acid
Propanoic acid is a three-carbon carboxylic acid, a short-chain saturated fatty acid with the chemical formula CH3CH2COOH. pure propanoic acid is a colourless, corrosive liquid with a pungent odour.
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Product Description

CAS79-09-4 C3H602 Propionic acid High purity China

Propionic acid is an important chemical raw material. Propionic acid and its derivatives are widely used in the synthesis of dendrimers, grain preservation, food and feed additives, spices and so on.

The earliest propionic acid was produced by condensation and separation from the gases produced by charcoal manufacture and coal coking. In addition to hydrocarbon oxidation, the United States also has the carbonylation of ethylene, CO and H2 to synthesize propionaldehyde, which is further oxidized to propionic acid. The propionaldehyde oxidation method has developed rapidly in recent years due to the development of a flow-pressure carbonylation process using rhodium-phosphine complexes as catalysts. This method is superior to the conventional high-pressure method using cobalt carbonyl as catalyst.

Basic information

NamePropionic acid
Melting point−24-−23°C
Boiling point141°C
CAS No.79-09-4
Chemical formulaC3H6O2

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Main applications

Application 1: Main applications: Used as esterification agent, solvent of cellulose nitrate, plasticizer, chemical reagent and preparation of food raw materials.

Application 2: Mainly used as a food preservative and anti-mould agent. It is also used as an inhibitor of viscous substances in beer, etc., as a solvent for nitrocellulose and as a plasticiser.

Application 3: It can also be used in the preparation of nickel plating solutions, the preparation of food spices and the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, pesticides and anti-mould agents.


It has the commonness of an acid and can react with a base. For example, an acid-base neutralization reaction with sodium hydroxide produces sodium propionate and water.

Propionic acid is also a carboxylic acid, so it has the following reactions:

1.Be lithium aluminium hydride reduction into normal propyl alcohol.

2.Generate propionyl chloride react with phosphorus trichloride.

3.Esterification reaction with various alcohols generated propionate.

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