Ammonium sulfate
Pure ammonium sulfate is white crystal, hot to 100℃ began to decompose into ammonia and ammonium bisulfate, byproducts with yellow or gray, hygrometric small, not easy to caking, so it is easier to preserve, and more soluble in water, not soluble in ethanol and acetone.
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Product Description

Ammonium sulfate colorless crystals or white particles. Odorless, with strong odor of sulfur dioxide, soluble in water, aqueous solution is acidic, when in contact with strong acids, sulfur dioxide will be released to form the corresponding salts, which will be oxidized to sulfur dioxide when placed in the air for a long time. Therefore, the product cannot be stored for long periods of time. Above 150 degrees Celsius, sulfur dioxide decomposes. Decays above 280 degrees Celsius. Solubility in water: 70.6 g at 0 °C, 103.8 g at 100 °C. Insoluble in ethanol and acetone. Insoluble in ethanol and acetone.pH of 0.1 mol/L aqueous solution is 5.5.Relative density is 1.77.Refractive index is 1.521.Ammonium sulphate is mainly used as a fertilizer for various soils and crops. It is also used in textile, leather, medicine and so on.

Basic information

product nameAmmonium sulfate
Appearancewhite powder
Molecular formulaH8N2O4S
Molecular weight132.14
melting point>280 °C (dec.) (lit.)
density1.77 g/mL at 25 °C (lit.)
storageroom temp

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Ammonium Sulfate Applications

1. In agriculture, it is used for nitrogen fertilizer. It is a kind of action fertilizer that can make crops thrive, improve the quality and yield of fruits, and enhance the ability of disaster resistance, and can be used in the base fertilizer or additive fertilizer and seed fertilizer of common soil and plants. Especially suitable for sulfur-deficient soil, but for acidic soil, ammonium sulfate needs to be applied together with lime.

2. Raw material for manufacturing compound fertilizer.

3. Used as feed additives for ruminants, such as horses and cattle.

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