What is chromium trioxide?
Time : 2024-04-15

Chromium trioxide

Synonyms:Chromic anhydride;Chromium trioxide;Chromic anhydride;Chromic acid solution;Chromium oxide;Chromic anhydride;Chromic anhydride;Anhydrous chromic acid;Chromium arsenide

English name: Chromium(VI) oxide

CAS No.: 1333-82-0

Molecular formula: CrO3

Molecular weight: 99.99

EINECS No.:215-607-8

Chemical Properties:Dark red rhombohedral crystal or purple-red flake.

Uses:Used in electroplating, making high purity chromium metal, dyestuff, synthetic rubber and oil refining, etc.

Use: This product is the main raw material for chromium plating. In the production of chromium plating, the content of chromic anhydride varies greatly, between 50 and 500 g/L, the main control of the appropriate temperature and current density, can be obtained in the smooth plated parts on the bright coating, its solution can also be used for zinc plating passivation film, so that its protective properties.

Uses:It is mainly used in electroplating industry as raw material for chromium plating of bicycles, sewing machines, watches, meters, torches, daily-use hardware, etc. It is also used for making high-purity chromium metal. It is the raw material for the manufacture of chromium oxide green and zinc chromium yellow; it is also the raw material for the production of low-temperature transformation catalyst, high-temperature transformation catalyst and high-pressure methanol synthesis catalyst. It is used as mordant when dyeing wool fabrics and as oxidising agent in the printing and dyeing industry. In addition, it is also used for wood preservation.

Uses: Its solution is used for chromium plating.

Uses:Used as an analytical reagent and strong oxidising agent, also used in the manufacture of chromates.

Use: Strong oxidising agent. Determination of carbon and phosphorus. Purification of oil and ethylene. Manufacture of chromium salts.

Uses: Oxidising agent, glass colouring, raw material for making oxidising catalysts.

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